Water Structuring Device


The water structuring device including the Stone of Harmony is attached to the main water connection:

Hexagonal structured, harmonious water, ideal for drinking, showering, bathing, preparing food, indoor plants, pets and the entire garden.




The water structuring device arranges and structures water throughout the household before it is even filled into a drinking vessel. The Stone of Harmony, specially optimized for this process, reduces the information in the water to the original information that is responsible for the formation of the universe and life. The water structuring device restores your drinking water to full biological availability. With just a few simple steps you can use and enjoy water of the highest quality every day.


Technical Data Water Structurer - Stone of Harmony:


Total length: 450 mm

Diameter: 75 mm

Weight: 1 kg

Max. permissible operating pressure: 6 bar

Flow rate: up to 3000 litres / hour

Permissible temperature range: 5-20°C (cold water)

Connection size and type: 1 inch cylindrical female thread WN 1.4404 (3162)


The Fountain of Youth - Water Spring

  • Water structuring according to the pure natural principle for optimum biological and technical properties of the water.
  • excellent biological value and 44% more oxygen content in the water (laboratory tested).
  • excellent bio-electronic properties, ideal energy value and perfect physical structure formation.
  • This results in a high increase in solubility, reduces the precipitation of minerals and therefore a much lower tendency for lime deposits and thus minimizes the risk of calcification.
  • Completely metal-free in the water structuring area, only materials suitable for foodstuffs and drinking water, absolutely free of plasticizers, certified according to international standards and 5 times better CO2 footprint than metal materials.
  • Design and optics by internationally renowned interior designers.
  • Compact and easy-to-install design, can be mounted in any position and direction.
  • meets all requirements according to DIN EN 13443-1:2007-12, tested and certified at the DVGW-approved Water Technology Centre.

The Stone of Harmony arranges water into an ideal and perfect physical structure.

Subjective sensory tests of the fountain of youth - water prove velvety-silky quality sensation and full-bodied drinking taste.

The following technical and physical investigations show the outstanding properties of this water structure:

In addition to essential chemical, physical and bacteriological parameters such as pH-value, mass concentrations, conductance, surface tension, redox potential and many more, water has other properties, e. g. crystallization.

This property is observable in nature and scientifically reproducible, in both cases in many ways. Physically perfect water crystallises hexagonal, fractal and self-similar, i. e. in regular hexagonal structures such as "ice flowers".

Scientifically reproducible and verifiable is the crystal analysis, in which the ability of the water to form a shape is depicted, allowing the force structure to be assessed.

Crystal analysis of a drop of tap water, before contact with the stone of harmony, magnification 100x


In the crystal analysis of a drop of tap water at 100x magnification, crystal-free zones do not occur, which means that the sample's energy level is mediocre. High-quality natural spring water does not always show crystal-free zones, but very often 60° angular structures (i. e. hexagonal) occur there, which are almost completely absent from this water sample. Relics of 60° angular structures, which refer to the original natural water quality, only occur in a few places.


The Stone of Harmony is the principle of the Fountain of Youth - Water, as it gives order and structure. The Stone of Harmony is a very strong attractor for all water and transfers the principle of the Fountain of Youth - Water permanently back to all water. After contact with the tap water, this order and structure is as follows:

Crystal analysis of a drop of tap water, after contact with the Stone of Harmony, magnification 100x


There are very regular crystal structures, somewhat stronger at the edges, formation of shapes with a 60° angle, as they are found in high-quality spring water. 90° angular structures hardly occur during this crystallisation, the energy level of the sample has risen significantly, a positive energy balance can be assumed. There are fan-like crystal structures that were not present in tap water. This phenomenon occurs very often, so that the whole picture is dominated by the fan-like structures. This is a clear indication of the strong increase in quality achieved by the Stone of Harmony, because such structures only occur with very high water qualities of absolutely natural origin.

The fan-like crystal structures and the 60° angles show a clear improvement in water quality. This is also reflected in the fact that there are less 90° angular structures and a higher surface formation of the minerals has taken place, which also leads to a considerably better bioavailability of the minerals for the metabolism of the human organism.


Quote from the research report:

It is amazing that biological properties have also been improved. A harmful effect of the Stone of Harmony could not be determined. On the contrary, there has been a significant overall improvement in water quality."


This improvement of the water quality is also reflected very clearly in the chemical/physical parameters, with contact of the Stone of Harmony to the tap water, the oxygen content in the water increases by 44%, the conductance decreases by 29%, the dry residue measurement decreases by 16% and the pH value decreases by 5%.

This is confirmed by scientific experiments at another research institute, crystal images are judged as a pictorial language of nature according to the following criteria: Principle of order, centering of the droplets, propagation, angular formation, distribution patterns, ability to form shapes, intensity, coherence, transparency and formations, size and fineness of the structures. The more orderly, differentiated, finer and more transparent the water structure appears in the drying image, the higher the water quality.

Particularly striking in this study are the completely free zones between the harmonic crystal structures, i. e. the very clear shapes without any interference zones are an indication of a high order structure:

Crystal analysis of a drop of tap water, before and after contact with the Stone of Harmony, magnifications: 20x, 100x and 200x.

The Stone of Harmony also significantly improves the technical water quality, as noted in a direct quote from the research report:

After contact of the comparison samples with the Stone of Harmony, there are hardly any compression zones in the crystal analyses which would indicate a deposit tendency of lime or other minerals as they were seen in the comparison samples. It is therefore clear that the technical water quality of this sample has been improved. Cross-shaped, compacted angular structures do not occur in the entire image, so that it can be assumed that the solubility of the minerals in the water could be significantly increased. Larger crystals can precipitate and add lines. The small crystals appearing here have a higher surface formation and are less prone to precipitation. This means that technical devices with this water quality can be operated well. The technical water quality has increased enormously and the risk of calcification has been reduced to a minimum. This has a clear advantage for the consumer in terms of the maintenance and service life of the equipment he uses."


Biophysical properties of the water with the Stone of Harmony:

In the 20th century, the French hydrologist VINCENT found a connection between the quality of drinking water in various regions of France and the health of the population. Through systematic research, he identified parameters that enable the biological quality of water to be assessed. The assessment is based on the availability of electrons and protons. Applied to two coordinate axes, the associated parameters rH2 and pH span a "bio-electronic terrain", in the middle of which the data of the body fluids blood, saliva and urine form a reference triangle which, according to VINCENT, represents the optimum values. For the investigations, conventionally available water was used as a reference sample, which was then brought into the field of the Stone of Harmony for the measurements. The Stone of Harmony acts on water both through its field and through direct contact. This has been confirmed by all technical / scientific investigations. For very large quantities of water, a 100% structuring can only be ensured in direct contact, therefore the Stone of Harmony is built into the water structuring stone.

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Bio-electronic Terrain Analysis according to VINCENT

In order to assess the biological value of the water influenced by the Stone of Harmony, the position of the samples in the bioelectronic terrain was determined, which is defined by the pH value (availability of protons = acid units) and the rH2 value (availability of electrons = reduction units). The result of the influenced water sample is close to the ideal "reference triangle" with a rarely achieved, perfect rH2 value.

Measurement of physical and chemical parameters on the reference sample and on the sample influenced by the field of the Stone of Harmony. The values are temperature-compensated and refer to a standard temperature of 25°C.

In this scenario, the pH-value was shifted a little bit towards the acidic range compared to the used tap water from basic baseline values, but still remained in the alkaline range. This can be interpreted in such a way that the Stone of Harmony approximates the pH-value of the water to the optimum point according to VINCENT, but still offers a desirable countermeasure against acidification.

The redox potential (ORP) has been significantly reduced compared to the reference sample. Due to the dependence of the ORP on the detailed chemical composition and the pH value of the respective water, there is no easy interpretation for these results. However, such a significant reduction indicates the increased availability of electrons, which could be explained by the excess of electrons in the hexagonal liquid-crystalline "lattice".

Regardless of the pH value, the rH2 value is the indicator of the reduction potential of the water. This value is slightly lowered compared to the reference sample and even falls slightly below the optimum value of 22. (A rH2 value of approx. 22 stands for redox-neutral ratios, the upper limit of the applicable range is 28 according to VINCENT). It is extremely rare to find that a process for influencing water achieves such a favourable rH2 value! The assessment of the redox behaviour of the Stone of Harmony is also very favourable from a bio-electronic point of view.

The electrical conductivity increases slightly compared to the reference sample. This can be explained by the formation of liquid crystalline regions in the water, which represent a high order and, according to the findings of Professor G. Pollack, are accompanied by the separation of highly conductive protons from a hexagonal, also electrically (negative) charged crystalline lattice. The mobile charge carriers result in increased conductivity.

The evaluation of the measurements of the energy value showed that the Stone of Harmony produces a value of 22.7 µW according to the bio-electronic calculation method (compared to 37 µW for the reference sample). VINCENT ideally requires low values (< 25 µW). This is achieved by the influence of the Stone of Harmony - yet another rare case! Many waters have energy values that are too high in comparison to bio-electronics.


Quote from the research report:

All in all, an excellent bio-electronic certificate can be issued considering the pH value, the rH2 value and the energy value of the influence of the Stone of Harmony on water.

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