Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ' s)


Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ' s)


Q: What is important for care and cleaning?

A: Wipe with a soft cloth (dry or damp; preferably moist, then polish dry for best shine)


Q: How to increase the effect of the Stone of Harmony?

A: Moisten the Stone of Harmony slightly


Q: What are "No Gos" for the Stone of Harmony? What is important to consider?

A: Do not go into the sea / salt water with the Stone of Harmony (repeated times);

A: Also not very good, is a regular stay (over months) in a swimming pool / pool with plenty of chlorine.

A: Before using the sauna, lay down the stone or, if necessary, wrap it in a towel and then take it with you.

A: Not to be placed in a microwave or nuclear reactor (unlikely, but worth mentioning)

A: mechanical, thermal and chemical changes that change the structure of the Stone of Harmony destroy the natural material... and the natural principle of the physically perfect water is released from the Stone of Harmony. (extreme examples: high-pressure press, glowing furnace, soaking in hydrochloric acid)


Q: How long does the Stone of Harmony maintain its effect?

A: The effect is designed to last for many decades in intact condition and mindfulness (take note of the "No Gos") and there is no known reason why the effect could be weakened after a few years.


Q: Does the Stone of Harmony pick up smells?

A: It is a natural product and particularly likes to absorb two odours:

  1. a) If it very often hangs directly above the pan when frying and sizzling herbs,
  2. b) wearing very often strongly smelling body lotion / eau de toilette / eau de parfum can cause a slight odour absorption, as it is still made of petrified wood.


Q: Does the Stone of Harmony have to be harmonized again when it falls on the floor or falls down a floor/staircase?

A: Tests were carried out in which the Stone of Harmony was dropped from great heights over several floors without any damage being caused. After the falls it was tested for its effect - it was still 100 %!

Furthermore, the Stone of Harmony was deliberately sawn apart in the middle and then glued together again with an adhesive tape (also here its effect was investigated in the laboratory and was almost 100%)

The Stone of Harmony is truly difficult to destroy or limited in its effect. Of course, it is not possible to provide information on all contingencies.


Q: Do I even need a reverse osmosis system?

A: This depends on the quality of the tap water.

The water should first and foremost taste good!

If the water tastes good even without reverse osmosis and there are no harmful substances in the water, then you can do without a reverse osmosis system.

However, if the water does not taste particularly good and / or if the drinking water is contaminated, a reverse osmosis system may have to be installed upstream.


Q: How can I make a Taste-test with water, using the Stone of Harmony?

A: Taste-test water: fill two glasses with water (2 meters distance between the glasses and the Stone of Harmony) and then bring one glass to the Stone of Harmony and hold it for 10 seconds; now return with the glass of water (the one with stone contact) back to the other glass of water (without stone contact), leaving the Stone of Harmony at a distance of 2 meters. Then drink first from the glass without any stone contact, then with the stone contact (the majority of people will have a ((mostly very distinct) difference of taste).
Two friends of mine turn a middle-class wine into a premium wine (however, with the Stone of Harmony on the outside of the bottle for a minute, otherwise the Stone will naturally turn red).


Q: Is there anything to consider when converting tap water and reverse-osmosis water through the Stone of Harmony?

A: Tap water contains a large amount of minerals and water structures and should therefore take a maximum of 10 seconds to convert at 500 ml.

Reverse osmosis water is free of components. Here it takes 1-2 minutes for the structures to be rebuilt before the water has its original structure and power again.


Q: Do I put the stone in the glass or on the outside of the glass before drinking?

A: At the beginning I did that, but since I wear the Stone of Harmony around my neck for 24 hours, this is no longer necessary. The Stone of Harmony structures the water molecules around me (during drinking, eating and breathing).


Q: Can I also use other energizing methods such as magnetic rods or pipes?

A: Yes, this is possible at any time.

It should only be noted that the water has experienced a kind of "reset" through the Stone of Harmony and is now empty - for example, through the magnetic rod it would undergo renewed human conditioning. However, this does not harm in any way.


Q: May I no longer wear my beloved fashion jewellery (made of inferior metals)?

A: You still can. When I wear jewelry, the Stones effect is limited by about 5%.

If I am overloaded with such jewellery and various necklaces constantly dangle around the Stone of Harmony and maybe even scratch it slightly, then the effect of the Stone of Harmony decreases by about 15 - max. 20 %. The reduction is limited to the time in which the jewellery is worn.


Q: I cannot sleep well with the Stone of Harmony - What next?

A: This phenomenon is caused by a kind of radiation withdrawal. Over a long period of time, the body has been exposed to too many rays and effects of electromagnetic fields.

Proceed as follows: carry the Stone of Harmony with you for three days at night. If you sleep poorly on these nights, place the stone in a nearby room for the next three nights. If your sleeping habits do not improve during the following three days, wear the stone during the day and still leave it in the neighbouring room. After about 14 days you can wear the Stone of Harmony at night and you will see that you can sleep through it again - much better and more restful than before. Only a small percentage of People require this acclimatization phase.

Hang in there! It's worth it!


Q: What is the radius of the Stone of Harmony?

A: The Stone of Harmony creates a harmonious field with a radius of 150 cm. Whether at night under the pillow or during the day in the trouser/jacket pocket or around the neck is irrelevant.


Q: Is it better to wear the Stone of Harmony at night or during the day?

A: In principle, the repair and rejuvenation hormones are active at night and the Stone of Harmony can work and act much better in this case. However, if you live in a state of great stress and are surrounded by electrical and electromagnetic influences during the day, it can make sense to wear the Stone of Harmony during the day. For the absolute majority of stone carriers this question does not arise at all, because they carry the Stone of Harmony day and night.


Q: Can I get into a kind of dependency by the Stone of Harmony?

A: Pure cell water and more inner peace, better sleep and greater calmness really feel good and one can get used to it, but there will be no dependence in the negative sense. Without the Stone of Harmony one slowly gets used to a non-harmonious field again.


Q: Are there people who physically cannot tolerate the Stone of Harmony?

A: Almost anything is possible in the world today, but so far we have not seen any such cases.

However, people with autoimmune diseases such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. are the people who may have problems with wearing the stone.

About half of them would like to throw the stone away, especially at night. There is particularly strong resistance here. They should then wear the Stone of Harmony only for a few hours during the day, then increase the number of hours and wear it later at night.

Experience shows that especially these people become the most faithful stone carriers after the overcome antipathy of stone carrying, because "you feel so good".


Q: Can the Stone of Harmony be weakened by X-rays, whole body scanners (like at the airport) etc.?

A: Radiation of different kinds does not weaken the Stone of Harmony and its principle at all. Only its harmonising effect could be temporarily weakened in the event of extreme, cumulative stress. If you leave these "weakening" areas, the effect is fully restored.

In our experience, it can, indeed should, always be worn on the body - then even under extreme stress in the field, the harmonizing effect of the Stone of Harmony is still maintained.


Q: Do the colors have a certain meaning?

A: No, you should intuitively select the Stone of Harmony that appeals to you at first sight - this is usually always the right one.


Q: Are the Stone of Harmony all equal?

A: In their effect, yes. Visually, they are all unique; each Stone of Harmony looks different.


Q: Is the Stone of Harmony petrified wood?

A: Yes. The stone is in a very special stage of wood petrification (natural origin) and is extremely rare in the wild. Therefore, in a very complex process, wood is prepared and pressed in such a way that it corresponds to the consistency of exactly this original petrified wood.


Q: How is the color added?

A: The Stone of Harmony gets its different colours from natural dyes.


Q: What fabrics is the ribbon that carries the Stone of Harmony?

A: The ribbon is made of compressed braided, hard-wearing organic cotton.


Q: What kind of tree is used for the Harmony Stone?

A: The manufacturer uses native woods and selects the most suitable woods according to availability. Only very, very few woods work really well.


Q: Are there currently any competitors whose products work according to the same principle?

A: Not as far as we know. All products on the market in this area are of "human origin". In other words, the energy fields or frequencies created by mankind and generated by technology do not act, like the Stone of Harmony, directly through the power of nature (the power of water).


Q: What do the symbols on the front mean?

A: The three symbols originate in Egyptian mythology and mean beginning from above:"bundle","order" and "convert". This means that the power of the water is bundled together, then arranged by means of the Stone of Harmony which is then implemented in the included radius, i. e. field.


Q: Can a bedside lamp or a salt crystal lamp affect the effect of the Stone of Harmony?

A: No!


Q: I want to energize water with the Stone of Harmony? How long does this water quality last?

A: At least 3 - 4 weeks (under extreme conditions), usually up to 2 - 3 months.


Q: What are the exact dimensions of the Stone of Harmony?

A: 67 mm x 15 mm x 40 mm (H x D x W) with a weight of approx. 22.6 grams


Q: Is there a specific age limit for children or elderly people?

A: A very clear no! The Stone of Harmony is made for everyone.


Q: According to the videos, the Stone of Harmony works against many diseases? How long does this take on average?

A: Only physicians are allowed to comment on this. Prof. Dr. Dr. Edinger tells us that the phase of healing lasts as long as the phase from the beginning of the illness to the first contact with the Stone of Harmony.

(i.e. 3 months sick, then another 3 months; 17 years sick, then 17 years later).


Q: Can the Stone of Harmony protect me from viruses and bacteria / flu and cold?

A: No, it is not directly effective against viruses and bacteria.

The harmonious field balances out optimally for the biological organisms.