The Stone of Harmony in five minutes


In Germany there are about 360 different ways to "process" water.

All processes work according to the same principle that the water undergoes a certain conditioning (magnets, granders, precious or healing stones, precious metals, pipes, water filters and reverse osmosis etc.) and is thus "brought in a certain direction".

All procedures have been invented by people who asked themselves the following question:

"How do I condition water to create a positive effect for my fellow humans?"

This may have a positive effect in the short and / or medium term, but in the long term the way of origin or nature is the ultimate.

This is precisely the path that the Stone of Harmony takes - and thus also clearly distinguishes itself from everything else:

5 minutes02

On the left is the normal (tap) water, which has absorbed enough Information over time.

See list (under the picture, half left): by e. g. pollutants, information such as acid rain, metal pipes, E-Smog... Then the water is activated or energized by one or two processes (precious stones, water filter, flower of life etc.).

Everything adds up and the small rest (small red arrow directly above "electro smog") is the free portion of water that can adapt to its environment (see books by Dr. Masaru Emoto).

The water's potential is quite limited or rather highly stressed.

On the right you can see the image of the water after one minute of contact with the Stone of Harmony (also possible without direct contact of the Stone of Harmony with water!).

Through the Stone of Harmonyy, the water has the possibility to press a kind of "reset button" and can subsequently unfold again freely.

The structure of the "stressed / energized" water on the left, has changed to a harmonious water structure (right).

This is also illustrated by the large green arrow under the right picture.


.... and the best thing is: as soon as the water can move freely again, it orientates itself according to the strongest impulse of its environment - which is the Stone of Harmony. The water then forms a harmonious structure.

Also an interesting difference to Emoto is the following point: Emoto writes that his crystalline photos are taken about every 200th to 1000th photo (the rest doesn't look so nice);

Emoto is the smallest impact on the water (e. g. praying, discussing, sounding etc.).

Emoto has proven that the slightest impact influences the water.

With the Stone of Harmony, each image has a distinct hexagonal structure.

This hexagonal structure offers resistance to all influences (including radioactivity).


What are the particularly noteworthy effects & facts of the Stone of Harmony?

  • more than 99% absorption of a variety and type of electromagnetic influences
  • It absorbs electromagnetic, geopathic and radioactive interference fields by aligning the hexagonal water molecules in the air (as a geopathologist, you must not carry a Stone of Harmony when searching for interference fields - otherwise you will not be able to detect interference fields!
  • The effect has a radius of 150 cm from the center of the Stone of Harmony.
  • All water is 100% harmonized; a crystal photo of each water is possible (1:1).
  • Hang the Stone of Harmony in a glass of water for a few seconds, the water changes its taste within seconds (see Water Test, in case of own experiences)
  • The Stone of Harmony (according to Dr. Volkamer, Germany's leading ethereal researcher; chemist and quantum physicist) has shown "that he can literally squeeze away entire fields of positively charged (= disease-causing) quantums" within a radius of 3 meters.
  • germination tests with fast-growing seeds (=cress seeds) with large differences
  • Change in water quality within 60 seconds:
    • 44% more oxygen content (ideal for athletes and prevention)
    • 29 % reduction of conductance
    • 16 % reduction of the dry residue
    • 5 % reduction of the pH-value


Finally, a very important tip:

The best and simplest way to get to know the Stone of Harmony and its effects is to watch the two entertaining videos (9 and 11 minutes, with subtitles) by Prof. Dr. Dr. Edinger (with many practical tips, facts, explanations and as a doctor with some exciting and important medical and energetic statements).

Here is the corresponding link.

More in-depth information under "Own Experience and Knowledge"