History / The origin of the

Stone of Harmony


The nature and water researcher Josef Schwarzkopf, who has been working as managing director in the field of water systems for 30 years, had the vision to produce high-quality, basic, right-handed water from normal (tap) water, which corresponds to the intracellular liquid of living organisms (plants, animals, humans), a kind of "primeval water" (generally considered to be the highest quality and healthiest water!!!).

After decades of research and process optimization by means of pure orientation and imitation of nature and the "wave" -game of water in the special "Jungbrunnen" -room in his company, he succeeded.
In the beginning, however, this water was extremely dependent on its environment: for example, sunlight or a place directly next to a radiator that was switched on could considerably reduce the perfect quality of the water within a short time.
He therefore looked for a storage medium that could keep the level of high-quality water constant.
Precious metals and precious stones, as well as many natural materials could not meet these high requirements.
Then he read in old alchemical writings about the properties and interplay of carbon and petrified wood.
After many attempts, wood was pressed so that it corresponded to the consistency of petrified wood and the results were suddenly exactly as he had imagined them.
The stone of harmony was born as a storage medium.
(It contains the principle of physically perfect water, field: 1.5 meters radius etc.)

If you would like to know more about the origin of the stone of harmony, I have copied "The Origin" from Josef Schwarzkopf's homepage for more detailed information:


The stone of harmony is developed from the knowledge of the Badox®Fountain of Youth. One could say: the Fountain of Youth to hang around your neck and take with you.

How does one come to such a statement? I have always been fascinated by the observation of flowing waters. This fascinated me more and more. From the fountain of youth I have learned that there is more to water than the term H2O. One should not only consider the chemical compositions, but also the formative structure of the water. I was fascinated to take a closer look at the so-called holy healing waters. I got increasingly interested in finding out more about this to explore parallels. From a scientific point of view, these waters are known as structured waters. I had already produced highly structured water in the fountain of youth, so I began to follow ancient legends and alchemy to explore hidden clues.

I found out the following:

"In water lies wisdom." In alchemy, it mostly culminates in the "Philosopher's Stone", the connection to gold, also goes over water. Gold is always found where water flows or has flowed. In an old book fragment was a decisive sentence for me,"The Philosopher's Stone is made of carbon". From this I concluded that gold has only a symbolic connection with the Philosopher's Stone. The old alchemists were not chemists, they knew the connections in nature very well. Finding gold and extracting only as much of it as you need from nature was the top priority. However, I attribute wisdom to structured water. Carbon stands for life. Structured water is so stable that it organizes (structures) its surroundings. A person carrying such a piece of wood is surrounded by a structuring order. He breathes and drinks structured air/water (Odem). Aristotle called this (gr.) hyle porte (lat.) materia prima/material, primal matter, first matter. The fact that this has a life-prolonging effect would nowadays be called prevention. To recreate these characteristics of nature is very time-consuming.