The Fountain of Youth


The Fountain of Youth is a wellness concept for optimal regeneration using the contained Fountain of Youth Water.

The Stone of Harmony is vitalized for seven months with precisely this Fountain of Youth Water.

A fully functional and ready to use Fountain of Youth wellness area can be visited and explored in the Badox-Jungbrunnen and tested after prior appointment.

We plan your personal Fountain of Youth Regeneration according to your wishes. In addition, we optimize the effect based on your local conditions and implement everything in professional craftsmanship quality (through Schwarzkopf Wassertechnik).

We use the Badox fountains and procedures consistently in conjunction with the fountains for further research, development and optimization, as well as regeneration and harmonization.

The effects achieved include:

more beautiful appearance

fewer wrinkles, soft skin

higher performance, less stress sensation

calmer sleep, higher resilience in everyday life

reduction of electrical overload


Regenerating, harmonizing, de-acidifying, detoxifying, purifying.

Back to one's own origins based on the following vision: activate the inner Fountain of Youth; feel beauty and rejuvenation anew.


Through the relaxation gained, the body can better activate its own healing powers.

The Fountain of Youth within us regenerates itself excellently in the harmonious environment of Badox®.

In the process, the disharmony of the electrical overload is dissolved. Accumulated acids and slags can be discarded.


What makes Badox® so special:

Badox® Fountain of Youth

The vitalized and living Fountain of Youth Water regenerates through circulation.

The music on the couch corresponds to the golden ratio.

The technical part is designed to remove loads from the water again.

Salt Cave

High-quality salt in living fountain of youth water provides moist and salty air with a high oxygen content.


The oscillation in the heating element supports a pleasant deep heat.

Relaxation Room

Pleasant well-being and lasting strengthening in a relaxed atmosphere.


Badoxin - Light - Water is a vitalized, highly pure and basic mineralized drinking water of the highest quality. The teas correspond to the ambience.