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Own experience:


  1. Lip herpes (very current, about 1 hour old, herpes in 09/14) - after I have placed the Stone of Harmony on the lip for 1 minute: Herpes disintegrate & no longer visible (if the herpes is already half a day old, the herpes is stopped by the stone of harmony, but does not disintegrate any more; seems to work like this only in the initial phase; a further positive customer feedback in the initial phase and two feedbacks with already longer erupted herpes ((half / three-quarters of a day)) with "only stop effect");


  1. mosquito bites and swelling of the skin - recede very quickly and clearly and the itching decreases rapidly; the effect of the Stone of Harmony increases somewhat if it is wetted beforehand.


  1. ligament stretching / compression - swelling quickly and clearly decreases when the wet Stone of Harmony (in this example at the ankle) is pressed slightly for a few minutes or fixed with a gauze bandage for a short time.


  1. Taste-test water: fill two glasses with water (2 meters distance between the glasses and the Stone of Harmony) and then bring one glass to the Stone of Harmony and hold it for 10 seconds; now return with the glass of water (the one with stone contact) back to the other glass of water (without stone contact), leaving the Stone of Harmony at a distance of 2 meters. Then drink first from the glass without any stone contact, then with the stone contact (the majority of people will have a ((mostly very distinct) difference of taste).
    Two friends of mine turn a middle-class wine into a premium wine (however, with the Stone of Harmony on the outside of the bottle for a minute, otherwise the Stone will naturally turn red).


  1. Sleep and Overall Energy - At night, the Stone of Harmony has a more intense effect on the body than during the day - I wear it almost constantly for 24 hours - since I do that, I have a completely different level of energy, relaxation and concentration.

Some users with sleep disturbances (insomnia and difficulties sleeping through) have reported to me that since they have been using the Stone of Harmy, they have had a completely different sleep quality and also sleep duration.

At night I put it in the middle of the bed so that my husband also benefits from it.

If you suddenly have trouble sleeping at the beginning of the stone carrying (usually after 1 - 2 weeks), then your "electro-magnetic -story" is being repaired (see video). In that case you should put the Stone of Harmony into another room at night (wear it during the day) and after about 10 days you can retry to put the Stone of Harmony in bed with you --  everything should be well now.


Customer experience:


Of all my customers, only three haven't experienced any / hardly any noticeable effect, all others are (mostly extremely) enthusiastic.

Because of these customers I contacted the developers of the Stone of Harmony. They told me that, as with everything, there are always people who don't feel anything or hardly feel anything (which fortunately happens very rarely here).

However, exactly the same processes happen with these people on the cell and body level as with all others who feel something.

The stone has an effect on the field and not on the body, as the Nobel Prize winner Alexander Schrödinger described in a sentence:
"To be able to live at all, man must accept order from the outside"


From these points of view, the special clientele of the Stone of Harmony is also interesting.

Most products that promise more power, health, etc. are primarily purchased from so-called "energy vampires" ("I need product X for my healing; only product X can save me").

Many of my customers are very well positioned in most areas of health (energy, nutrition, etc.) and do not need the Stone of Harmony as urgently as some other people.

However, they buy it and don't expect the big "wow" and "aha" effects after five minutes, but after a few weeks or months they confirm to me that they feel that the stone of harmony is good for them, it centers them and they don't feel quite so good without the stone of harmony.

Some people, who had very high expectations of the stone of harmony at the beginning and did not immediately notice something, tested themselves kinesiologically (or had it tested) and the recognized result was always the same:"The Stone of Harmony is good for me".


I called Christian Dittrich-Opitz (one of the very greats in the scene; instructor, author of various books; nutrition specialist; brain researcher; seminar leader, energy practitioner in various areas etc.) and told him about the Stone of Harmony.

At first he was as sceptical as I was, but agreed to test the Stone of Harmony.

After only a few days he was so taken with the effect of the Stone that he immediately wrote about it in his newsletter and reported on its positive effects.

The said part of the newsletter is attached here:


Author: Christian Dittrich-Opitz's

Title: Stimulant overload and stress in the information age

Section: The Stone of Harmony

Among the numerous products - charms or other objects that promise to strengthen the energy of life and counteract electrosmog - I use only one: the Stone of Harmony, developed by water and nature researcher Josef Schwarzkopf. What is special about this product? The Harmony Stone is made of wood, which is exposed to the pulsating, self-organizing power of water over a period of seven months. Many naturalists like Viktor Schauberger have described the self-organizing power of water, the importance of natural water movements and its inherent regenerative potential. The Stone of Harmony bundles this power by condensing it in the carbon structure. The result of this process is a nearly petrified wood, which, in contrast to water, carries the regenerating power of natural water in a stable way. Drinking high-quality water has a long journey in the body before it reaches the cells. With all its vitality potential, water is very sensitive. An unpleasant emotional mood can make the pH-value of our saliva 100 times more acidic in a few seconds and thus completely change the biological effects of this important body fluid on our health. Of course, it is very valuable to drink high quality water, but especially valuable for stabilizing a regenerative effect in the stability of a dense carbon structure that carries regenerative information. The big difference to many other energy products is that in the Stone of Harmony there are neither frequencies or energy fields imagined nor technologically generated by man, but the power of nature in an immediate way.

Due to the production process over seven months, the price for the Harmony Stone is just under 800 Euros and this is of course an investment. I have personally decided, after examining the scientific background, that for once this is an energy product that really pays off. I use the Stone of Harmony for myself and I can definitely say that it is fundamentally different from all other energy products I know (and I think I am constantly getting products sent to me for testing...). I would simply recommend checking the available information for yourself and then intuitively deciding whether this investment is right for your own life. More information is available from:


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With best regards,

Christian Dittrich-Opitz



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